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Mega Millions…


Mega millions…living the dream.  I can’t even imagine the outstanding kitchen I would have with a lottery win.  I play them all, I am in equal opportunity dreamer, playing Powerball, Florida Lotto, Mega Millions, and Fantasy 5. When I lived up North I played Mega Millions, however the game just recently came to Florida, and of course I started playing it again. I really don’t understand why they think people want ginormous jackpots, most people are not capable of managing such mega sums of money.  A good number people just want out of their daily grind, a job or two that they hate, which only serve to keep them in the same socio-economic pattern, instead of lifting them to the life they want.  They want to provide a secure future for their families, one that the last nearly 7 years of government, has set on a precarious perch.

In October Mega Millions changed the game, they added numbers to the main pool, and reduced the numbers in the Mega ball pool. They advertised that as a way to get bigger jackpots, now Powerball did a bit of a change up as well, however that correction was slightly different.  Powerball, increased ticket prices, and slightly changed the number pools, in order to increase jackpot size. Prior to the Mega Millions makeover, the odds of winning were 1 in 179 million, currently they are 1 in 259 million.

The reality of having $221,000,000 dumped in your lap, which is the sum of the current jackpot, cash after taxes, is or should be immensely overwhelming. It’s not like you can just deposit it into your checking account, and go on with life. The impact of on your daily life will be incredible. Most likely because I am  a Mom I worry, I worry about people who I have no say over, nor that I can counsel on their choices. I worry about people being put into a situation so unprepared for, they are taken advantage of by people who have no ethics.  Trust me, I deal with aspects of criminal law every day, the ones you read about in the paper, and shake your head asking why. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that there are good people, who free of any type of agenda, other than doing good, actually help people.

Because I am a total sports junkie I am going to offer this up.  I once read an article in ESPN magazine, it was about dealing with the financial fallout of a mega sized contract. They had interviewed several athletes’ who had varying dealings with friends, family, and strangers after signing huge contracts. What I thought to be the best advice came from a member of the MLB.  After being burned by people who wanted “loans”, which they never intended paying back, he developed the following approach. When someone would ask him for money, he would listen to the concept or scenario, and then say ok this is what I need you to do.  He would then hand them a card from his financial advisor, instruct them to call him, discuss the all the details, then the advisor would take care of all the loan paperwork.  Once people realized he wasn’t reaching into his wallet, or writing out a personal check, the entire idea ended there.  That will be my approach as well, it is a great concept, that I am sure will save or has saved many friendships, or family reunions.

In the meantime I will keep dreaming about my amazing six burner Viking range, the pot fill over the range, the multiple Sub Zero refrigerator and dishwasher kitchen. Complete with my amazing walk in pantry, that will resemble a small version of a cooking store. All inside my resplendent waterfront home, with outdoor living room, and massive outdoor kitchen.  Of course let’s not forget the boats, or the endless travel, and the kids without student loans to payoff.  Yup living the dream, just a dollar.


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