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Do you Que? Can you Que for a Cause?

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What is Que you ask? Why it’s Barb-b-que or BBQ of course, and by BBQ I mean smoking up some lovely chunks of meat, into fall off the bone, melt in your mouth heaven. Now some people confuse BBQ with grilling, they are not interchangeable, Barbeque is smoking, low and slow. While Grilling is the opposite, hot and fast. Another way they are not synonymous is, you don’t go to a BBQ, you eat BBQ. I’m going to a BBQ, should be I am going to a cookout, these are important things to remember.

I have to wonder if the whole, is it grilling, or BBQ, or cookout debate, is related to the, is it soda or pop debate. Below you will find some of my most recent adventures in BBQ, also a link to a previous post where I cook BBQ in a crockpot. I know it sounds crazy, because have you ever been invited to a crockpot? Exactly, what I thought, please see previous paragraph.

Now on to the concept of Que for a Cause.I recently found out about a volunteer organization that extolls the vitures of all things good, Operation BBQ Relief, and their Disaster Response Teams.

Please check out the above link to learn more about BBQ for a cause, and the good people behind Operation BBQ Relief. This is what I love about America, we reach down, pull ourselves up by our boot straps, no matter how tattered, or worn. Our Country was built on these ideals, we need to carry on the example set by “The Greatest Generation”. I have to wonder how today’s society would cope with all they did between World War I, a dust bowl, The Great Depression, topped with World War II. Now do you get why they are called the Greatest Generation? They not only survived all that, but we inherited a thriving country, with strong industry, principles, determination, and values. We don’t sit on our hands, and wait for some Government handout. Sometimes I think, the more technology invades our lives, the less connected we become to each other.

However this group, Operation BBQ Relief truly bucks the trend of sitting around, and they reflect values of past generations. A reationary group to be proud of, support, applaud, and maybe mimick on some level. So visit their site, and support them in whatever way is possible to do.

Ok so now I am going to simmer down a bit, and show you some of my low and slow cooking.

Beef Brisket and Ribs

Beef Brisket and Ribs

Nice smoke ring on the brisket.

Nice smoke ring on the brisket.

Finished ribs, sweet and moist

Finished ribs, sweet and moist

Pork Shoulder, this is about at the halfway point.

Pork Shoulder, this is about at the halfway point.

Done, getting ready to pull it apart.

Done, getting ready to pull it apart.

A while ago I invited you to a crockpot, click on the picture for Pulled Pork, with Cider Slaw post serving idea…and I need to post my BBQ Saude Recipe too!

Pulled Pork and Cider Coleslaw




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