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Even More Reason To Buy Local…

I am huge supporter of buying local, and supporting local businesses whether they are food related or not. The last few days there have been several news articles regarding the lack of health and saftey inspections on food imported into the US. After reading several of them it only serves to strengthen my credo of only buying wild caught seafood.

Beyond the fact that we should be supporting our own economically, it seems from a health standpoint we would be protecting our own families health.  Case in point here is a snippet of the above article.

“Untreated animal manure and human waste are used as feed in shrimp farms and tilapia farms in China and Thailand, Doyle said. These “organic” materials also find their way into farms through pollution from sewage. “They feel their level of sanitation is adequate and we don’t,” said Doyle.”

That is stretching the already fuzzy definition of organic, in a direction I don’t ever want to go. Normally my preference for wild caught USA seafood is related to the amazing quality, flavor and supporting local fishing industries.  Now it seems that it is a health priority as well.

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