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Dr Pepper Commercial With Paul Tuetul Sr…FAIL

Has anyone seen the newest television commercial for Dr Pepper? Seriously, what were they thinking? There are a number of things that are beyond awkward, with just a tinge of disturbing. First off is Paul Teutul Sr. from American Chopper, whose show jumped the shark so long ago he is no longer relevant.  Reality TV shows only last so long before they become so contrived, a virtual parody of any semblance of reality.  I’m not so much a fan of reality TV. In my opinion reality shows, along with remakes of old movies, as well as old TV shows, is an exhibit of the utter lack of creativity from Hollywood. Too bad there isn’t any good literature just lying around waiting to be discovered.

This commercial is the polar opposite of a traditional soda commercial, usually light and jinglely (if that is a word). This piece of work goes to the dark side a bit, in a way that seems very unnatural.  What demographic are they exactly trying to play too?  Beer commercials don’t even work the type of edge they are using, beating someone up because they didn’t define a taste. I have noticed in subsequent viewings that they have edited the image of the victim of the beat down. The first time I saw it he was missing teeth, fat lip and black-eyed, however the most recent viewing for the most part those effects have been erased.

I can only wonder what kind of logic was used in making this commercial, how is it that exactly supposed to sell Dr. Pepper? Makes me wonder what the demographic was when the storyboard was presented.  Clearly people are talking about it, so that makes it somewhat successful, hopefully that will quickly fade because of the negative spin. The change in the commercial already indicates that.  Some comments I’ve read indicate they were trying to get the point out that it has a unique taste, which makes the commercial even more meaningless since they are stereotyping bikers.  I think it is a big failure on a variety of levels.

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