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Magazine Monday…Cook’s Country

This week I picked up Cook’s Country, mostly because of its size not the thickness but, more the actual paper size that it is printed on measures out to 12×10.  The picture on cover was nice, if you like peach pie which I am not a fan of, it’s a texture thing.  Once again, when I was home I discovered it was the same publisher as Cook’s Illustrated.  I’m beginning to wonder if there are maybe only 4 publishers of cooking magazines, printing a slew of magazines, under a variety of names.

  • Magazine Name: Cook’s Country
  • Website:
  • Publisher: Boston Common Press Limited Partnership
  • Issue Number and Date: June/July 2011
  • Newsstand Cost: $4.95
  • Number of pages: 32
  • Pages until contents: 1
  • Inserts: 4
  • Pages of Advertising
  • Full: 0
  • Partial: 0
  • Types of Advertising
  • Food: 0
  • Other: 0
  • Articles: 8
  • Issue Features:
  • Recipes: 38
  • Picture count article or recipe related: 93

First off, I am a total fan of magazines without advertising, I know they are necessary but, without them they are so calming.  Speaking of looks, the pictures and attention to detail in this magazine are amazing. Recipes are not just recipes, more along the lines of in-depth articles explaining steps, and the reasonings behind them. The recipe index which I prefer to have in the front is on the back cover, a little odd but I imagine that it’s a marketing tool. The presentation is very helpful, the recipes divided into categories, with numerous pictures to match.

There are some great regular features, kitchen shortcuts, taste test, equipment review, cooking class, etc.  The taste test was on ice cream bars, the top choice was a Dove bar. Dove bars are great but, like other products about 1/3 of the size they were when originally introduced. Equipment review was something else close to my heart, charcoal grills in this case the smaller portable ones. You just can’t beat the flavor that a charcoal grill creates.

Inside this issue were 2 pages, that have 8 recipes printed on heavy stock perforated cards, sized for a recipe box with a color picture on one side, the recipe on the other. To me that shows the foresight, and planning that is invested into this magazine.  Many times those tear out recipes are on flimsy paper, that is nowhere near a standard size for a recipe box. I really liked this magazine for the variety of recipe types, pictures, as well as content were all interesting and enjoyable.

2 comments on “Magazine Monday…Cook’s Country

  1. jennrambles
    May 19, 2011

    I love this post. I always find myself buying Cook’s Illustrated magazines because of the paper. It feels so luxurious! And of course, the lack of advertising. Love that. Great blog you have here!


    • mb
      May 20, 2011

      Agreed, it’s almost like artwork they do make a good magazine in both looks and substance. Thank you so much I am glad you enjoy the blog…and thanks for stopping by.


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