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Magazine Monday…Clean Eating

This week’s pick is Clean Eating, the cover is what really got my attention. Crab cakes on the front, and in the upper right corner coconut cream pie, that’s a great combo in my book anyway…

  • Magazine Name: Clean Eating
  • Website:
  • Publisher: Robert Kennedy
  • Issue Number and Date: April/May
  • Newsstand Cost: $5.99
  • Number of pages: 98
  • Pages until contents: 1
  • Inserts: 2
  • Pages of Advertising
  • Full: 8
  • Partial: 6
  • Types of Advertising
  • Food: 8
  • Other: 6
  • Articles: 8
  • Issue Features: 5
  • Recipes: 50
  • Picture count article or recipe related: 94

As I flipped through the standout feature was the photography, and lots of it.  I feel as though pictures in a cooking magazine will make or break the issue, unappetizing pictures are not going to entice you to make a recipe, or win over subscribers. Another aspect that I liked was the way they introduced their “Advisory Board”, each person is given a brief bio, which includes their credentials. Something that many health geared magazines often fail to do. The design of the recipe index is very well laid out, too bad they save it for the back of the magazine, it’s a feature that should be in the beginning. One thing they do have in the opening pages is an explanation of what eating clean means, well their definition of it at any rate.  They consider clean eating the process of eating food as close to its natural state as possible, can’t argue with that.

One of the articles was about making Southern meals ‘lean and clean’, none of which I found to ground breaking. Nothing that a little common sense wouldn’t tell you to do, if that was the direction you wanted to take.  Overall every recipe looks great throughout, they do push a few organic albeit processed ingredients.  In general they are an ‘organic’ magazine without wanting to label themselves as one.

They have some regular departments that are standard fare, cooking tips, gadgets, and cookbook reviews. One was a little confusing the ‘travel well’ section, had nothing to do with travel. Okay one last bit of disappointment the coconut cream pie, oh no my friend you can not even pretend that is one a pie, two a cream pie. Oooo you should not taunt pie. Other than the coconut pie faux pas, in general this is a good magazine. I really do like, and promote the idea of minimally processed food, whose freshness most likely added to the appeal in the pictures.

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