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Mama’s Day Comes Early…

I received an early Mama’s Day Present from my two Daughters, and their respective pets, unlike packages marked “do not open til Christmas” I was allowed to open this one. I am super excited, you see when I opened the box TWINS!!!! Both weighing in at exactly 5 lbs each, the most beautiful bags of White Lily Flour, very precious commodity indeed.

Here in the cold deary Northeast…hello Spring I don’t know what you are waiting for, but there is something wrong that in May I am using my heated seats. 

White Lily is not to be found in these parts, and this flour is so nice and soft, it makes the best melt in your mouth biscuits you have ever had. We’ve been crossing the Mason Dixon Line with different varieties of it for years.

Importing our own products is really a tradition in our family, market research could never keep up with us. Growing up we would go home to Cincinnati for vacation every year, 12 hour ride, 4 kids and 2 adults in an un-air conditioned station wagon. Imagine being forced to interact with your siblings and parents for 12 whole hours, not a DVD player in sight, oh the cruelty we children of the late sixties endured.

After our stay with our Grandparents in Madeira, we’d head home loaded up with Barq’s Red Cream Soda, which for some reason is still not available here best soda ever. Other contraband that was not sold here at the time Pringle’s, and Puffs Tissues which seems odd now. We also would bring home Cincinnati Rye Bread, and Rye Buns, sometimes I see the Rye Bread, but not the buns. Rye buns are great with Burgers, Beef BBQ and any other assortment of meats, or cheeses you like. When in Madeira we would always stop at George’s butcher shop, yea good luck finding one of those anywhere. Camargo Bakery, Adrien’s Pharmacy, yes with a Soda Counter, and the 5 & 10. Like George’s all but Adrien’s have all gone by the wayside. Beyond the food and various sundries we also brought back amazing memories, and a ten dollar bill that Grandma would squeeze into our hands right before we left.

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