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Magazine Monday…Cooking Light

This week I went back to a magazine that mentioned in a previous post, Cooking Light.  What can I say, the cover had me at Pappardelle Pasta, plus I was a bit curious to see what had changed since I last read an issue.

April 4, 2011

  • Magazine Name: Cooking Light
  • Website:
  • Publisher: Time Inc
  • Issue Number and Date: Volume 25 Number 3, April 2011
  • Newsstand Cost: $4.99
  • Number of pages: 192
  • Pages until contents: 3
  • Inserts: 4
  • Pages of Advertising
  • Full: 92
  • Partial: 18
  • Types of ads
  • Food: 47
  • Other: 63
  • Articles: 4 main, many short
  • Issue Features: 7
  • Recipes: 79
  • Picture count article or recipe related: 115

The first thing that I noticed was the plethora of non-food related advertising, some of the ads were up to four pages long.  Many of them were prescription drug ads, sorry I don’t want to read about your bladder when I just looked at a great picture of linguine with clams and fresh herbs. The number of ads is disappointing, especially since the majority of them are not food related.

The recipe index is great, not only do they separate the recipes into courses, but also include a color coded system of categorizing the recipes; Quick and Easy, Make Ahead, Freezable, Kid Friendly, and Vegetarian. That has the potential of being a great time saver, you can see at glance what is going to best suit your needs. Great photography too!

There are many feature sections one called Healthy Living that focuses on whole grains, this issue it was an informative collection of short items and Q & A’s. The Spring pasta feature was great, so many different ways including many light versions with fresh vegetables. On many of the recipes they have 3 asides giving you hints, tips explaining how a certain ingredient affects the overall taste. One thing for sure they are very detailed with recipes, that is something I really like, a great benefit for someone who may not have much cooking experience. Another aspect it shows you don’t have to rigidly stick to a recipe to make it taste great.

The articles connected to the main features are in-depth, and interesting especially the grain v grass piece. Other than that shorter articles are lumped together under a related section heading, which is a great way to keep the information flowing and the reader’s attention. There are a variety of informative snippets, as well as a good range of recipes from simple to slightly more complicated.

What I found was a magazine that is more focused on food then it had been previously.  Past issues were laden with articles dealing with travel, decor, health, beauty and fitness which seemed to push the food off the plate. The magazine really does benefit from the streamlining of content and design.

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