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Magazine Monday…Food Network Magazine

This week’s pick is the Food Network Magazine, April Issue.

March 28, 2011

  • Magazine Name: Food Network Magazine
  • Website:
  • Publisher: Hearst Magazines
  • Issue Number and Date: Volume 4 Number 3, April 2011
  • Newsstand Cost: $3.99
  • Number of pages: 156
  • Pages until contents: 6
  • Inserts: 5
  • Pages of Advertising
  • Full: 53
  • Partial: 9
  • Types of ads
  • Food: 41
  • Other: 21
  • Articles: Minimal
  • Issue Features: 7
  • Recipes: 161
  • Picture count article or recipe related: 212

Right off the bat I was impressed, only 5 pages to the table of contents. There was also a recipe index in the beginning of the magazine, broken down into categories, with pictures for each dish was very impressive. In addition to that there was also another index for contributions of Food Network celebrities. Start to finish the photography is amazing, that is clear with a simple scan through the pages.

It’s pretty much all food, there aren’t many in-depth articles, when I say aren’t many that means pretty much there are none.  There are a variety of headers, within those topic headers are loads of recipes with pictures but nothing that delves into a particular food or culture. There was mention of Easter and Passover but that was it for any cultural aspect.  

It has great flow, the advertising is mixed throughout the magazine but not very intrusive. There are a few mentions of tools and techniques, I was expecting more of considering it seems every Chef has their own line of something out there.  Speaking of Celeb Chefs, they received tag lines for recipes mentioning their shows but, there was no blatant advertising for the network shows themselves.

There was a book review, an interesting calendar that they related every day to eggs, Q&A page, and a Readers letters page. Another interesting feature was ’10 things you need to know’, a montage of quirky food factoids, some were a little odd. Oh and the book review was for a cookbook series that cost $625, written by Nathan Myhrvold a former Microsoft Bigwig.  Seems as though he cashed in his chips and starting cooking. However 5 volumes, 2,438 pages later, he decided enough was enough and didn’t add any desserts, nope not one. Seriously the man has a Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton in his living room but draws the line at adding a dessert section.

There was also a short pictorial feature about Eva Longoria’s kitchen, coincidentally she is hawking a new cookbook in it as well.  It always amazes me how celebrities open their homes and lives to the public when they are trying to promote a book, movie, or otherwise get us to part ways with our cash. I am always dubious about celebrities that cull a cookbook from some dear departed family member’s recipes.

Overall it really surprised me, I was expecting something really cheesy but actually found myself enjoying reading through it.  There are copious amounts of recipes that use minimally processed ingredients, which I will definitely try out. It was a great find, very reasonably priced, regardless of whether you buy it per issue or subscribe.

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